August 15th, 2006- Bluprints releases version 0.4. This release includes full namespace support and a more robust engine.


Bluprints is a JSP templating framework that provides a simple and powerful alternative to Tiles and other frameworks. JDK 1.5 is required to run Bluprints. The core features of Bluprints are:
  • Parameters - values usable within JSPs
  • Content - JSPs and nested templates.
  • Nested definitions to any depth
  • Extension of other definitions
  • No external dependencies! (Except WebWork, which is currently the only framework with built in support)
  • Simple configuration file with a complete XSD
  • Support for multiple configuration files and namespaces (not XML NS but framework level namespaces)
  • Reloading
For further information please consult the documentation or the API docs.